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White Buffalo - Don't You Want It

The rest is still unwritten…

TES Alliance is proud to announce the launch of Druid Gameworks Studio’s Kickstarter campaign for their epic fantasy RPG game, Unwritten: Echoes of Twilight!


From the Kickstarter page-

Choose from one of six playable character races to design and customize to suit your vision for your avatar. Explore dynamic and changing landscapes, supernatural worlds, interact with rich characters and their unique stories. Recruit companions or join a faction to make new allies. Choose your path and write your story as it unfolds. Will you choose to be the hero? Or the villain? The everyman? The choice is yours and the possibilities are almost endless.”

This Indie Studio was born right here on TES Alliance so we’re really excited to stand behind them and we hope our membership will get behind the project as well to help them achieve their goal!


To View/Pledge on Kickstarter visit this link:

To Read more about the project visit this link:


– I am using mods from at least three of the devs (possibly more, I would have to check) on my Oblivion game. Cole MacLean (DarkRider) and Roger Liebitz (Arthmoor) created some of my favorite mods, including the epic Reclaiming Sancre Tor and the embarrassingly addictive Alternative Beginnings. If the game is even half as cool as their mods it is worth supporting.

- Kit

With a few good friends…

I will write this without coffee…I will write this without coffee…I will give up and go make a pot of coffee. Sigh.

Soooo, I am buried under a truckload of music this week. (A few more sips of coffee and I’ll be able to finish that thought.)

The White Buffalo is in the featured spot this week with the official vid for ‘Don’t You Want It’ off the new (set to release tomorrowShadows, Greys, and Evil Ways. I love the song (and seeing Jake in a string tie) but the video doesn’t seem to mesh with tone of the song.

Also out tomorrow (and clamoring to be reviewed) is Fiction, Fact or Folktale? the new album from Have Gun, Will Travel.



arcandstonesic1Arc & Stones are doing a Kickstarter to fund their second release. They have about ten more days and still need a little under 3000.00 to fully fund the project.

If you can, please donate a few bucks or pass the link along. If you haven’t heard them yet, check out my review of their debut from earlier this year.

Okay, off to listen to the mountain of music I am buried under.  (yes, that was a terribly constructed sentence and no, I won’t actually cringe over it until I finish my coffee)

- Kit


She comes rolling on through like waves…

It’s a typical Friday in Wordsmusicbaseball land. We are drinking chocolate soy milk and fighting zombie snails while listening to Amanda Shires and Matthew Kerr. Amanda’s new video for ‘Devastate‘ from her album Down Fell the Doves is in the featured spot this week.

You guys can also watch the vid on you tube. If you like it, pass it along.

So here’s a track from Matthew – he has some nice mellow stuff but the game today is ‘keep Scooter awake’ so pop-ish it is:



ACK! - That horrible moment when you click a link to follow a story and wind up on RollingStone. –

Anyway…I am still tossing vids and tracks up on my tumblr. Anything I can’t fit or don’t have time for on the site usually shows up there.

The volume control for my laptop is missing…huh. Okay, not missing – just turned off and refusing to turn back on. Sigh. I’ll just be over there, trying to break my laptop.

- Kit

Hey ho, let’s go to CBGB’s…

For Kahuna and anyone else on an iPad (can’t see the flash in the embedded vid) here is a link to the Trailer for CBGB movie  -




- Kit

Lightning’s flash and thunder’s roar…

Kits’ Awesome Vid of the Day

Cover of “Vivaldi Tribute” (Patrick Rondat) by Tina S


- Kit

California’s been good to me, hope it don’t fall into the sea…

I need to cut my hair. Not in the “hey, I need a trim” kind of way but in the ‘AGHHH!!!  I almost burned my hair off when it fell in the oven’ or the ‘ouch, I sat on my hair again’ or my favorite the ‘tired of holding my hair up so it doesn’t dip in the toilet’ kind of ways.

I should have cut it weeks ago but I was waiting till I decided what I was going as for Animazement next year. If I needed really long hair I didn’t want to lop it off and then worry about whether it would regrow before the Con. I don’t need it longer than it will regrow so I’ll be attacking it sometime this weekend.

Yes, the ‘Bit talked us into attending Animazement next year. I am hoping to see a couple of bands while there, depending on how tired/bored Scooter is during the day.

Listening to Jack Moore cover Don’t Back Down by Tom Petty.


Also been listening to new White Buffalo with Joey White from the upcoming album, Shadows, Greys & Evil Ways.



And I found Doghouse Blues by band Hollis Brown in my Soundcloud list and have it playing today as well.



I’ll be doing some slight construction work on the blog.  I’m taking the jukebox out for a while and will have some gaming posts mixed in with the usual. Okay, more coffee is needed.

- Kit

You’re just a two-pack habit with a southern accent…

Okay, this has been a long, long week. Kahuna was in Alabama for most of it visiting his dad and got back in last night. They spent the week eating out and sitting on the front porch. Seriously. To be fair to the Dad-In-Law, he was recovering from surgery and in a bit of pain so the ‘not wanting to move around’ is understandable. Sadly, I did no porch-sitting this week.

Instead I spent the week tossing up videos on my new tumbler.  I like it! It’s like, whoosh, click, instant vids! (My tumbler is at http://kitbrownvids.tumblr.com/)

Still not sure what I am going to do or exactly how to intergrate it but I am having fun so that is a plus. Sorted through all the vids I put up this week for the following:

Kit’s Awesome Vid of the Week 

American Aquarium – Saint Mary’s 



- Kit

You could save me from the way I tend to be…

Huh…my coffee cup is empty.

The featured vid this week is The Way I Tend To Be from the awesome Frank Turner.

So I decided to give Tumblr a try. While it doesn’t do most of stuff my blog does it is much easier to post up things like videos and streaming music. It’s called awesome vid of the day and is anywhere from one to four videos a day with a theme. Blues on Monday, rock and metal on Saturday, that sort of thing. I am not super happy with how the source thing works. I put specific addresses in for videos and often get the generic site (like facebook instead of the Savages facebook page) but other than that it is not bad.

From Factory of Dreams -

Head off to Factory of Dreams facebook page and share the post for a chance of winning a copy of Some Kind of Poetic Destruction!
“CONTEST!! We have a SIGNED copy of our brand new album ‘Some Kind of Poetic Destruction’ to give away. All you have to do is SHARE THIS POST and tell us what you think the brand new video is all about (comment in this post below).”


Factory of DreamsSeashore Dreams



Okay, off to find breakfast and more coffee.

- Kit

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