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White Buffalo - Don't You Want It

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With a few good friends…

I will write this without coffee…I will write this without coffee…I will give up and go make a pot of coffee. Sigh.

Soooo, I am buried under a truckload of music this week. (A few more sips of coffee and I’ll be able to finish that thought.)

The White Buffalo is in the featured spot this week with the official vid for ‘Don’t You Want It’ off the new (set to release tomorrowShadows, Greys, and Evil Ways. I love the song (and seeing Jake in a string tie) but the video doesn’t seem to mesh with tone of the song.

Also out tomorrow (and clamoring to be reviewed) is Fiction, Fact or Folktale? the new album from Have Gun, Will Travel.



arcandstonesic1Arc & Stones are doing a Kickstarter to fund their second release. They have about ten more days and still need a little under 3000.00 to fully fund the project.

If you can, please donate a few bucks or pass the link along. If you haven’t heard them yet, check out my review of their debut from earlier this year.

Okay, off to listen to the mountain of music I am buried under.  (yes, that was a terribly constructed sentence and no, I won’t actually cringe over it until I finish my coffee)

- Kit


California’s been good to me, hope it don’t fall into the sea…

I need to cut my hair. Not in the “hey, I need a trim” kind of way but in the ‘AGHHH!!!  I almost burned my hair off when it fell in the oven’ or the ‘ouch, I sat on my hair again’ or my favorite the ‘tired of holding my hair up so it doesn’t dip in the toilet’ kind of ways.

I should have cut it weeks ago but I was waiting till I decided what I was going as for Animazement next year. If I needed really long hair I didn’t want to lop it off and then worry about whether it would regrow before the Con. I don’t need it longer than it will regrow so I’ll be attacking it sometime this weekend.

Yes, the ‘Bit talked us into attending Animazement next year. I am hoping to see a couple of bands while there, depending on how tired/bored Scooter is during the day.

Listening to Jack Moore cover Don’t Back Down by Tom Petty.


Also been listening to new White Buffalo with Joey White from the upcoming album, Shadows, Greys & Evil Ways.



And I found Doghouse Blues by band Hollis Brown in my Soundcloud list and have it playing today as well.



I’ll be doing some slight construction work on the blog.  I’m taking the jukebox out for a while and will have some gaming posts mixed in with the usual. Okay, more coffee is needed.

- Kit

You’re just a two-pack habit with a southern accent…

Okay, this has been a long, long week. Kahuna was in Alabama for most of it visiting his dad and got back in last night. They spent the week eating out and sitting on the front porch. Seriously. To be fair to the Dad-In-Law, he was recovering from surgery and in a bit of pain so the ‘not wanting to move around’ is understandable. Sadly, I did no porch-sitting this week.

Instead I spent the week tossing up videos on my new tumbler.  I like it! It’s like, whoosh, click, instant vids! (My tumbler is at http://kitbrownvids.tumblr.com/)

Still not sure what I am going to do or exactly how to intergrate it but I am having fun so that is a plus. Sorted through all the vids I put up this week for the following:

Kit’s Awesome Vid of the Week 

American Aquarium – Saint Mary’s 



- Kit

If you need some money I swear I’ll steal millions…

Kit’s Awesome Vid of the Day

The Record Company – This Crooked City 



- Kit

Chase the wind and touch the sky…

So, I was updating my review widget a couple of days ago when my sidebar exploded. I’m still not sure if it was an update or some weird code error but I am bereft of social media links till I get them all reinstalled.  I feel like the blog is stranded on an iceberg and the only contact with civilization is a small pontoon plane.

Shoreacres from The Task at Hand found and shared the Featured Vid for this Week. Check out Unorganized Hancock doing their cover of Modest Mouse‘s Float On.

Lots of new music in the jukebox this week including The Heavy Horses track I was looking for a few weeks ago. Give a listen to Alabama ShakesAlways Right, Great PeacockTake me to the Mountain, The Heavy HorsesCopper and Gold, Joe PugThe Great Despiser and Jason IsbellCigarettes and Wine.


Okay, I promised once the sun came up I would go find Hamish for Scooter. She has the little brothers from Brave in bear form and when I went to collect them so she could sleep, Hamish was nowhere to be found. Since I draw the line at moving furniture at four in the morning, I am off to search now.

- Kit


Born on the wrong side of the tracks…

How many guitar straps does Martin think I can possibly use? I get that a lot of the emails are just auto-sends with whatever is on sale but still.

Amazon informs me that some Walter Trout tracks I bought from them in 2006 are now up in the Cloud if I want to snag.  I long ago ripped tracks off the CD for my mp3 player and then again for my phone so I am not sure what I am supposed to do with the Cloud versions. It may just be a way to introduce their new auto-rip feature. Any physical CD you buy from them with a certain logo also gets you and immediate digital version to download. Most of the indie sites I buy from have been doing that for years now. Welcome to the 21st century Amazon.

The best thing in my mailbox lately?

Kit’s Awesome Vid of the Day

The Record Company - On the Move



Some new and some nearly new tunes in the juke this week with Semi-Twang - The Wrong Side of the Tracks, Wires in the WallsIn the RainDebbie DaviesDone Sold Everything, Skyla Burrell BandBottom of my Heart, and finally the Hickman Dalton Gang with Whiskey Rain – just because I can.

The featured vid earlier this week was Traps from Black Music by the Dark Horses. They seem to be somewhat of a performance art kinda band  so I will likely watch their vids and forego snagging the tunes but if you like that kind of music expression you should check them out on their facebook page or follow them on Twitter @darkhorsesmusic.

The featured vid right now (grin) is a live acoustic version of Ashes to Ashes from Peter Parcek 3. You all should snag Peter’s facebook page not only for the blues music he and his band play but also for his articles and stories about guitar players and blues musicians.

Also – added shiny new track Turn me Loose from The Record Company to the jukebox. The guys are offering it as a free download so you all go snag it while I make a pot of coffee.  Ummm, coffee.

- Kit

Arc & Stones…

Now that Scooter is back sleeping nights I proclaim this ’dig myself out from under the mountain of un-reviewed music‘ week.

Kicking off the week o’reviewing is Arc & Stones, the debut EP from Brooklyn band Arc & Stones. The guys are Dan Pellarin (vocals), Ben Cramer (guitar), Joe Doino (drums) and Eddy Bayes (bass).  I had the cool video for Silence up in the featured spot last month but I’ve popped it into the review for anyone that missed it the first time around.



My favorite track is She’s Mine because it’s loud.

No, seriously. It has slamming drums, gritty fuzzy guitars and a growl-y vocal delivery. Kind of like ’70′s ZZ Top with a little bit of Mr John Lee Hooker thrown in for fun. Oh, and did I mention it was LOUD?!

Rise is not quite as raw but it is still a good rock tune while Let Me Down seems a little out of place, not because it is quiet and mellow but because it sounds like it needs to be played acoustic on your front porch. It is a nice track, just different. Say Goodbye starts off all warm and cozy then explodes into another hard rocking number:



This is a great EP and you all should go and buy it now. Yes now. Or tomorrow when it releases. Hey, it is a couple of bucks and you get awesome music from a new band. There is no bad in this. Well, except for the waiting until tomorrow part.


Arc & Stones releases tomorrow, Feb 12, 2013 and is available in digital format from Amazon and Bandcamp. You can also check out the band on their facebook page or on their website and follow them on Twitter @ArcAndStones

- Kit


Nothing to lose and nothing to gain…

So I am finally playing Dragon Age Awakenings and I just…see I am playing a mage. I have another mage in the party. We both have enough healing magic that everywhere we step should burst into glorious, bubbly life. I have (at last count) enough healing poultices and injury kits to open my own hospital – and yet, every stupid NPC we come across has an injury and instead of my being able to heal it they just die.

Seriously Bioware? I can bring my entire party back from the dead but I can’t set a broken leg before the dude dies?


Shiny new tracks in the juke this week by Nick and the Ovorols - Try Me, Todd DorigoAlive, Cobalt CranesHead in the Clouds, Bobby LongDevil Moon, and Josephine OniyamaPortrait. I also have older track from Frank Turner called The Road.

Brooklyn-based Arc & Stones are in the featured video spot this week with Silence, from their soon-to-be released EP, Arc & Stones.

- Kit

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