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I will build you a castle with a tower so high…

Creative director Mike Laidlaw and producer Cameron Lee will be doing a Dragon Age: Inquisition livestream event later today, September 29th on Twitch. The stream kicks off at 10am PDT / 7pm CEST with a first look at Inquisition’s deep character creation tool, and they are going to customize an Inquisitor from scratch with our suggestions.

I am planning to watch this afternoon to see what the hair looks like. Dragon Age has some of the worst hair in video games (maybe that’s why there are so many hats?) and I am hoping for better hair from Inquisition. Okay, okay – I am hoping for a lot from Inquisition but I honestly don’t feel like digging that particular horse out of the ground and beating it again so hair topics it is.

If you have an Xbox One you need to check out Project Spark.



Project Spark is awesome. It is designed so anyone can create a basic game and/or play the ones built by others. You have a wide palette of starting skins (grass, flowers, water, rocks) to apply and use ‘kode’ to add behaviors to objects and characters by way of their ‘brain’. Basically, you arrange if/then statements to program effects and actions. It allows for game creation at any level of knowledge.

Scooter (who is six) built a rudimentary platformer with a flying squirrel character. Spark itself did most of the work for her but she had enough control to feel like she was building her own game. Kahuna (who has a background in programming) has been building machines, complicated mobs and helping me work out teleportation.

Spark comes with some basic design packs and you can add other packs by purchasing them or by trading the tokens you earn from creating your world or playing games in other worlds for them.

Project Spark is in Beta now and will release October 7 in the Americas, October 9 in Asia-Pacific countries and October 10 in Europe.


The rest is still unwritten…

TES Alliance is proud to announce the launch of Druid Gameworks Studio’s Kickstarter campaign for their epic fantasy RPG game, Unwritten: Echoes of Twilight!


From the Kickstarter page-

Choose from one of six playable character races to design and customize to suit your vision for your avatar. Explore dynamic and changing landscapes, supernatural worlds, interact with rich characters and their unique stories. Recruit companions or join a faction to make new allies. Choose your path and write your story as it unfolds. Will you choose to be the hero? Or the villain? The everyman? The choice is yours and the possibilities are almost endless.”

This Indie Studio was born right here on TES Alliance so we’re really excited to stand behind them and we hope our membership will get behind the project as well to help them achieve their goal!


To View/Pledge on Kickstarter visit this link:

To Read more about the project visit this link:


— I am using mods from at least three of the devs (possibly more, I would have to check) on my Oblivion game. Cole MacLean (DarkRider) and Roger Liebitz (Arthmoor) created some of my favorite mods, including the epic Reclaiming Sancre Tor and the embarrassingly addictive Alternative Beginnings. If the game is even half as cool as their mods it is worth supporting.


Get over here and play a video game…

Cool stuff in my email…

From the Smithsonian American Art Museum:

The Art of Video Games exhibition opens in less than two months (on March 16, 2012), so things are getting a little hectic around the museum and I have a lot to share.

Early in January, the exhibits team did a round of testing for the 5 “playable” games that will be in the exhibition (Pac-Man, Super Mario Brothers, The Secret of Monkey Island, Myst, and Flower). The most challenging aspect of these games is that we are running them through original hardware and/or operating systems…

…Fabrication is well underway for the 20 “genre kiosks” that will showcase 80 video games through screen captures and video footage. These are the 80 games that won the public vote in 2011. We were very excited to see how these were coming along!

You can see more photos of the game testing and kiosk fabrication on Flickr. We’ll continue to add images as we get closer to the opening – including photos of installation in the galleries (I can’t wait!)

— Georgina
Exhibition Coordinator”


If you wear those golden earrings…

When Captain America throws his tiny shield...

If I could get Scooter to take a nap I would go veg on the couch and watch Iron Man…again. It’s that kind of a day.

OMG! Captain America earrings!  I must have a pair of these. Heather at H-chan Clothing on Etsy also has other Avenger and X-men earrings as well as little sumo domo-kun ones.

There is still time to cast a vote (or many votes) for Viv and the Revival in the ESPN Who’s Next in music promotion. You can continue to vote until Thursday.

I have a new review up on GamingHUD for Margaritaville Online.

So I had moved my office to the sunroom but it was just too noisy to work there so I have moved it back to my coffee bar the breakfast room. And when I say I moved, of course mean Kahuna moved all the heavy furniture from room to room and I followed along behind with you know…a book or a CD. Now I can stare at my coffee pot when I am deep in thought.




When I paint my masterpiece…

Kit’s Awesome Vid of the Day – The Making of Soul Caliber V Graffiti Wall




Not exactly the lost weekend…

This has pretty much been my weekend - in game and out


This magic moment…

Aikonia is a fantasy webcomic written by Timothy Hely, illustrated by Katie Tiedrich and edited by Andrew-David. They have a Kickstarter page to raise funds for a comic book version of the webcomic.

With this campaign, we hope to raise enough funds to print and distribute the complete first chapter of the webcomic as a full-color, 8″ x 9″, 48 page, staple-bound comic book…”

The project runs till November 4, 2011. Check out the video below for more information or pop over to the Aikonia Kickstarter page.




I feel the earth move under my feet…

My feet are so cold.

So yesterday as I was rocking the kidlet for her nap, the entire building started shaking.  After determining that it was sunny outside, the washer was not overbalancing, Optimus Prime had not crashed into the building and that even the incredibly annoying downstairs neighbors were not capable of MOVING THE ENTIRE BUILDING, I was left with…er..earthquake as the only possible cause.

I have ridden out hurricanes, tornados, mountains of porch destroying snow but this was my first earthquake.  Scooter is convinced the shaking was caused by a volcano.  She and the ‘Bit were both pretty mellow about the whole thing but Crumb the destructo cat ran wildly around with her tail puffed out for a couple of minutes before the earthquake hit. As mentioned on Twitter, I did save the coffee along with the other cracker jars of coffee-type neccessaties but it was never a dire thing.  The jars shift around on the top shelf of the bakers rack pretty much anytime we walk in the room.  With a hurricane headed in this weekend I am considering duct taping them to the shelf. You know, just till the worst of the wind is over.

To round out the disaster list, check out Tom Benton’s Flood, on the 1951 Kansas City flood, over at The Task at Hand.

Even after coffee my feet are still cold.

Paw and Claw Designs – Trust me, sometimes you NEED purple gaming dice earrings.  Kitten also makes gaming dice pendants as well as a selection of slightly more traditional silver and bead earrings.  She offers different options on her jewelry (like sterling silver or surgical steel) and takes custom orders.

This week marks the 2oth anniversary of the US release of the SNES. Check out GamingHUD for an entire week of articles, reviews, videos and geek-ly reminiscing on this early Nintendo gaming system.

Ahhh.  Warm socks.  Off to find lunch-type items and consume them.


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