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Emily Wolfe - Violent Veins

Sing me the songs that to me were so dear, long long ago, long ago…

Things to do to keep yourself awake (and sane) when everyone but Baby is hang-dog sick and Baby refuses to go to sleep:

Pop over to Fender and watch the  video on the New American Standard line.  Guitarists from Pete Wentz to Merle Haggard all muse on why they love their Fender guitars.  Also has a nice preview of the guitars themselves.

John Morthland profiles Blind Pig Records and gives his blues dozen pick  from their catalog.

Over on Blind Pig check out the free mp3’s. 

Then you can head over to Joe Bonamassa’s website and watch Bonamassa TV

And don’t forget the Cardinal website  to check out the ‘Countdown to Spring Training’ clock.  Or you could pick up ringtones, wallpapers or register for a chance to purchase opening day tickets.

Manage to get Baby to sleep at 2:15 am and go collapse in bed.


2 Responses to “Sing me the songs that to me were so dear, long long ago, long ago…”

  • Koopa:


    My wife is expecting and not looking forward to those long nights! Thankfully, the baseball season will be in full swing by the time I have to worry about that. I wish you luck and hope that your baby will sleep through the night soon!

    Good luck!

    http://simyard.com – a great place to play baseball games, or not!

  • wordsmusic:

    Koopa –

    Congratulations to you and your wife! I bet you guys are getting excited for the baby to arrive.

    Usually the baby is good about sleeping four or five hours at night before waking but once in while (like last night) we have bad night.

    Thanks, Kit

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