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While listening to The Chieftains this week I found myself drawn to a track called ‘Lily Love’ from their upcoming album.  It is a song  they do with a duo called The Civil Wars and it was so pretty I went looking for more from the band.

The Civil Wars are Joy Williams (vocals and piano) and John Paul White (vocals and guitar). They had a free download on their website from their new release ‘Barton Hollow’ so I snagged and played it.

I was so blown away by how good the song was I popped over to iTunes as soon as it finished playing and bought the album before I even listened to the rest of the songs. 

Their music is amazing. It’s bleak and beautiful at the same time; like a old front porch before you bring out the cushions, coverlets and rugs. My favorites are Barton Hollow, where the rough pounding of the guitar holds everything together, and 20 Years with its gorgeous harmonies.




I did mention the album was so good I bought it after hearing just one track?  Right?

However, you guys don’t have take a leap of faith and jump off the cliff after me. You can check out the vids on their Facebook page, or pick up a free track from their website.  The entire album is also available to preview on iTunes and after you fall in love with it if you like what you hear the price is only $7.99.

Barton Hollow is also available from the band website and on Amazon.com.


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