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White Buffalo - Don't You Want It

I’m burnin’ through the sky…


Kit’s Awesome Vid of the Day

Young Beautiful in a Hurry – Don’t Stop Me Now 


  - Kit

Wish that I was on old Rocky Top…

So about a week and a half ago I started back working out. I knew it would be rough but sheesh, even my toes and hair ache. I’m doing the 100 pushups challenge again. On week 2, day 2, column 1. I’m also seriously considering just snagging a brace for my knee and doing couch to 5K. I’ll let you all know if I survive.

Still going through emails and Twitter stuff, although I finally put the app for Twitter on my tablet. I will get to all the music and videos you guys have sent me and get it all up on the blog in one form or another.

My signed Doc Dailey and the Magnolia Devil album from their Kickstarter campaign came in last week. They also send loads of cool stuff like a sticker and booklet. As soon as I get pictures of it all I’ll put the review up.

I have Rocky Top stuck in my head today. The Osborne Brothers version to be precise.

What’s that? You all want to hear it too?



My work here is done.

- Kit


If you need some money I swear I’ll steal millions…

Kit’s Awesome Vid of the Day

The Record Company – This Crooked City 



- Kit

L-o-l-a Lola…

So I was massively sleep-deprived. Then I was ill. There were no actual broken bones but I did cough hard enough to pull muscles. Then I was massively sleep-deprived again. Then I looked up and two months had passed since I blogged or had an online presence.

In between trips to the crossroads in desperate search for someone willing to trade sleep for my soul (I had no luck) and coughing I did some online reading while I was ill. As a result I have a few comments.

For those of you that write Avengers fanfic (oh don’t even) Brooklyn is not some small town Steve (Rogers) leaves to go to the big city of New York. Brooklyn IS in New York City. New York City is divided into five boroughs (think of them as ginormous neighborhoods). Brooklyn has the most people (around 2.5 million) and nearly the most area.  As always writers, Google is your research friend.

Also, for the serious news bloggers out there – please don’t cite The Onion as a serious news source…just - please – don’t.

The new preview trailer for Shield is out.  I love that Coulson named his car.



- Kit

Soaked in crimson red from head to toe…

Kit’s Awesome Vid of the Day

The Heavy Horses – Hell Awaits


- Kit

Chase the wind and touch the sky…

So, I was updating my review widget a couple of days ago when my sidebar exploded. I’m still not sure if it was an update or some weird code error but I am bereft of social media links till I get them all reinstalled.  I feel like the blog is stranded on an iceberg and the only contact with civilization is a small pontoon plane.

Shoreacres from The Task at Hand found and shared the Featured Vid for this Week. Check out Unorganized Hancock doing their cover of Modest Mouse‘s Float On.

Lots of new music in the jukebox this week including The Heavy Horses track I was looking for a few weeks ago. Give a listen to Alabama ShakesAlways Right, Great PeacockTake me to the Mountain, The Heavy HorsesCopper and Gold, Joe PugThe Great Despiser and Jason IsbellCigarettes and Wine.


Okay, I promised once the sun came up I would go find Hamish for Scooter. She has the little brothers from Brave in bear form and when I went to collect them so she could sleep, Hamish was nowhere to be found. Since I draw the line at moving furniture at four in the morning, I am off to search now.

- Kit


Come with me, to the sea…

Kit’s Awesome Vid of Valentines Day

Steve Carlson – Sea of Love



- Kit

Born on the wrong side of the tracks…

How many guitar straps does Martin think I can possibly use? I get that a lot of the emails are just auto-sends with whatever is on sale but still.

Amazon informs me that some Walter Trout tracks I bought from them in 2006 are now up in the Cloud if I want to snag.  I long ago ripped tracks off the CD for my mp3 player and then again for my phone so I am not sure what I am supposed to do with the Cloud versions. It may just be a way to introduce their new auto-rip feature. Any physical CD you buy from them with a certain logo also gets you and immediate digital version to download. Most of the indie sites I buy from have been doing that for years now. Welcome to the 21st century Amazon.

The best thing in my mailbox lately?

Kit’s Awesome Vid of the Day

The Record Company - On the Move



Some new and some nearly new tunes in the juke this week with Semi-Twang - The Wrong Side of the Tracks, Wires in the WallsIn the RainDebbie DaviesDone Sold Everything, Skyla Burrell BandBottom of my Heart, and finally the Hickman Dalton Gang with Whiskey Rain – just because I can.

The featured vid earlier this week was Traps from Black Music by the Dark Horses. They seem to be somewhat of a performance art kinda band  so I will likely watch their vids and forego snagging the tunes but if you like that kind of music expression you should check them out on their facebook page or follow them on Twitter @darkhorsesmusic.

The featured vid right now (grin) is a live acoustic version of Ashes to Ashes from Peter Parcek 3. You all should snag Peter’s facebook page not only for the blues music he and his band play but also for his articles and stories about guitar players and blues musicians.

Also – added shiny new track Turn me Loose from The Record Company to the jukebox. The guys are offering it as a free download so you all go snag it while I make a pot of coffee.  Ummm, coffee.

- Kit

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