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There are stars in the Southern sky…


Kit’s Awesome 4th of July Vid of the Day

 Steve Young and Jubal Lee Young – Seven Bridges Road



- Kit

I wish that watermelon could be mine…


He grew up in Mississippi like a good boy should…

If you haven’t made plans for the weekend, check out the 2008 North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic.

Held in Potts Camp, MS, “the festival celebrates the legacies of departed North Mississippi blues legends including Joe Callicott, Mississippi Fred McDowell, R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, and Othar Turner.

Tickets –

Friday only – $10.00
Saturday only – $25.00
Friday and Saturday festival hours only – $30.00
Friday and Saturday with camping both nights – $40.00
Ice Chest inside festival – $10.00

The usuals apply – Fantastic music from a huge line-up of blues musicians and bands – Plenty of food and drinks or bring your own – (no glass please) – don’t forget your sunscreen and leave the pet iguana at home.

Check out the “what to bring, what not to bring” page for more info.

Whatever you do to celebrate have a great 4th!


Happy to be with me on the 4th of July…

Yesterday was the 4th of July and we did 4th of July-ish stuff.  We swam in the pool, we cooked out.

Cooked out, not barbecued.  Every time I turned on the tv yesterday I got the ‘all across America people will be barbecueing’ speel and then the film showed some guy throwing a burger on the grill.  This is -NOT- barbecue.  Barbecue involves sauces and rubs and slow cooking/basting.  Tossing a piece of meat on the grill is -grilling-, not barbecue.

Having said that, we did not barbecue.  (grin)  We had burgers,  smoked sausage and cold watermelon.  Later we had ice cream. (essential for the 4th)  Once it got dark, we hosed the front lawn down and Kahuna shot fireworks (we had some really cool ones this year) while the ‘Bit and I ran around with our sparklers.

I have a Cards game saved on Tivo I wanted to watch but Kahuna thought grilling and fireworks were enough ‘guy’ things for one day.  (how can he not like baseball??) 

I cut him some slack because he has been pretty guyish lately.  His brother and sister-in-law are having a baby this fall and she told me they are naming her (the baby) Shelby.  I tell Kahuna this and he gets this odd look on his face, then smiles and says “Oh cool, like the Mustang”.

*pounds head on desk*


Gotta go, I have sparkler bits to clean up from the porch.


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