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The Week in Music…Blogs – Feb 12 to Feb 18, 2012

Rachel from Adobe and Teardrops reviewed the new Ani Defranco album, Which Side Are You On.

Michael Barwise interviewed 17 yr old singer/songwriter Nina Nesbitt on Michael’s Music Madness.

Damian interviewed Frank Turner on the Mostless Harmless podcast show:

Frank was kind enough to sit down with me and talk about his early music years and the roads that brought him to becoming a singer song writer. We talk about his upcoming plans for world domination and the daunting task of filling London’s Wembley Stadium…”

Casey Ragan over on American Blues News took on the monumental task of reviewing Omar and the Howlers Essential Collection.

Musician Peter Parcek profiles Hollywood Fats in Unsung Heroes of the Blues Guitar.

Sheryl Bryant at the Raleigh Music Industry Association gets her Piedmont blues on with an article and concert review of  blues musician ‘Boo’ Hanks:

His brand of acoustic guitar playing, sometimes known as “frailing” is indicative of an older technique of guitar and banjo “pickin” whereby Boo’s thumb picks the bass sound while his forefinger picks out the melody on the treble strings. The unique and rhythmic sound creates the illusion that two guitars are being played when in reality it is just one lone acoustic guitar and his master at work…”

More Piedmont blues as Autopsy IV from ninebullets.net reviewed the new Charlie Parr album, Keep Your Hands on the Plow.

Walter Trout discussed his upcoming new release, Blues for the Modern Daze, in a youtube video.

As usual, only a fraction of the cool music blogs out there. If I missed you, send me an email or drop a comment below with the addy to your blog post and I’ll toss it up with the others. Have a great weekend!


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