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The Week in Music…Blogs – March 17 to March 23, 2012

Michael Barwise from Michael’s Music Madness interviewed indie pop band The Mutineers.

Peter Parcek continued his Unsung Heroes of the Blues Guitar series with slide guitarist Robert Nighthawk.

Michael Verity offered up a free mp3 from Math and Physics Club on michaelverity.com.

Rachel from Adobe and Teardrops also offered up free music from band The Attic Stairs.

Alan Ashton Smith reviewed punk band Zulu‘s new release ‘Way of the Zulu’ on Shout4Music.

Greg Barbrick over on Blinded by Sound was also digging the punk scene with his review of Pure Punk by The Vibrators.

Little Indie Blogs offered up Five Hot Ones (videos) of the Week.

Wesley Britton from BC Music (blogcritics) reviewed Solo by Vonda Shepard.

As always, these are a tiny fraction of the cool musics blogs written this week.  If I missed your post drop me an email or leave your addy in the comment section and I’ll add your post to the list.


The Week in Music…Blogs – March 3 to March 9, 2012

Rachel from Adobe add Teardrops reviewed High Dive from punk band High Dive and offered the album up as a pay-what-you-want download.

Damian also got his punk on with the latest Mostly Harmless podcast of  Laura Stevenson and the Cans.

Need more punk? Alex Jackson from Shout 4 Music reviewed The Static Jacks – ‘If You’re Young’.

Musician Peter Parcek takes us all to Texas in the latest edition of his series Unsung Heroes of the Blues Guitar with a profile of Houston blues guitarist Clarence Hollimon .

The Reverend Keith A Gordon compiled the Weekly Blues Music Report and included a link to a duet with Gary Clark, Jr and Shemekia Copeland.

Michael Barwise from Michael’s Music Madness picked his single of the week…and tossed in a few others for kicks. I still haven’t forgiven him for the Jagger thing.

For those not headed to Austin, Ben Homewood from the The Fly has a new video off ‘Baby‘, the debut album by Tribes.

Marty Dodge from Blogcritics brought us a heavy dose of girl-metal with a series of reviews, including Lacuna Coil and Xandria.

As always, only a fraction of the cool music blogs out there. If I missed your review or post and you would like to be included please toss me an email or leave your post addy in the comment section and I’ll put your link up in the roundup.


The Week in Music…Blogs – Jan 28 to Feb 3, 2012

Wesley Britton on BC*blogcritics reviewed Once Upon a Time in the West, the upcoming release by The White Buffalo.

In the final cut on the second album from Jake Smith, A.K.A. White Buffalo, the songwriter sings, “I am where the darkness falls and surrounds us all,” a place that he affirms is a “call to arms.” That track, “I Am the Light,” sums up what listeners might experience in this powerful collection of songs with lyrics describing pain, death, violence, loss, and survival…”

Josh Hathaway from Blinded by Sound reviewed Hellfire, the awesome new release from Joe Louis Walker

Christopher Anthony at Firenote takes on the Lana Del Rey hype machine and gives a very balanced review of her new release, Born to Die.

Born To Die is a not a throwaway as the first five tracks would make for a stellar EP as the songs possess a cool retro sounding swagger, confident attitude, pinch of pop and sultry vocals most expected from Lana Del Rey. This is where the album starts to fade…”

Brandon from The Burning Ear streamed an mp3 and video from Milk Famous, the upcoming release by the White Rabbits.

Autopysy IV from ninebullets.net reviewed A Different Kind of Truth, the new Van Halen in 140 characters or less.

Ninebullets.net also shared this Patterson Hood video.



Same line as last week. The above is only a fraction of the cool music blogs out there. If you have a review or article I missed drop me an email or toss your post addy in the comments section and I’ll add you to the roll.

Have a great weekend!


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