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We’ll be dancin’ on the moon…

I am awake! During the day!

Scooter has returned to sleeping at night and I am no longer a zombie! Goodbye zombiedom!

So I found this meme where you take the color of pants you are wearing and pair it (sorry) with the last thing you ate to get your ultimate band name.  Mine was Blue Greek Yogurt which screams (to me at least) ‘Hi, I’m a  70’s prog band’. Sadly, all my ‘answer the meme, get your band name’ things end up sounding like a prog band.

All new tracks up in the sidebar jukebox today with songs from American Aquarium, Viv and the Revival, Angie Atkinson, The Baron Sisters and Joanne Shaw Taylor.

For anyone pulling the blog on feed – the featured vid today is Break My Heart Tonight by the Debonzo Brothers. Check out the ninebullets.net cool review of their new album, One Damn Heart.

Bethesda is releasing a new DLC for Skyrim called Hearthfire.



I’m not really interested in snagging a hubby or hubby-ette to keep in the house, nor will I be adopting any urchins – but – I am stoked to build a house and garden and a Bard room where I will install my Bard and he or she can sing endless repetitions of the same TWO songs while I am away on grand adventures.

(Hmm..unless the urchins have minion potential. I could use a few minions.)


So not the week in music blogs…

I have no music blogs this week.  I’ve been super busy with other stuff and have barely been online, much less had time to read all the music blog posts.

I had to order the Dad-in-Law’s gift for Father’s Day from Amazon UK since it doesn’t release in the US till the 19th. Now I hope the shipping is correct and it gets here in time.  He is going to join us for vacation in a couple of weeks so it needs to arrive before we leave.

I have listened to a lot of music this week so I have several reviews in the works. I am saving one for vacation so the blog isn’t an endless stream of “look-a pretty tree” pictures while we are on the road.

This is the video preview of the new Skyrim DLC DawnGuard. Mounted combat, crossbows, new armor and lots of other stuff. The vid is a little gory so if that isn’t your thing you may want to skip it.



Aghh. I need more coffee.


It came like lightning from out of the sky…

Well, hello there hurricane season

Dean Gillett interviewed MUD and game developer Kavir (Richard Woolcock) for GamingHUD.  Whether you play MUD’s or not this is a good look at the game development process with little bits of online gaming history thrown in.  From the interview:

The general design goal of God Wars II was to create a game with the same theme and playing style as the original God Wars, as that had already proven successful – but to also design the architecture from the ground up to properly support the more advanced features I’d wanted to add over the years. Some of those features were dropped or redesigned because they didn’t fit the gameplay, or because they added realism at the expense of fun. But in general, I think God Wars II has successfully combined what I feel are the best of both worlds – a clear theme and fun gameplay, supported by detailed and innovative mechanics…”

Baking bread today although “baking” and “bread” are both slightly misleading as wonderful bread-to-be is still in all its component parts.   Obviously more coffee is needed to convince all the ingredients to form an actual bread-like substance.

Yes!  From Kahuna and Kotaku.comA look at the new character race graphics in Skyrim

The Argonian (shown in pic on right) is all kinds of awesome.

That is about all I can manage without more coffee. And possibly lunch. 


There’s fire on the mountain, lightnin’ in the air…

So while mod hunting over on TESNexus I followed a link back to a Bethesda Blog article full of gorgeous screencaps from the in-production Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim.  Snagging several caps, I decided to do a post on the game.  I even got as far as entering my hold-place-line-of-text, in this instance “post on all things Skyrim-ish’  before I had to stop and do other things.

Yes, I write myself notes while working on my posts, then I delete them before publishing.  When I first started blogging (eons ago) I would often forget to remove them before I posted.  Nowadays I am more careful. ;)

Anyway, yesterday morning I popped over to GamingHUD and found this awesome article on Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim  by Cypher.  Having no desire to reinvent the wheel (especially when it is as pretty and shiny as the article linked above) I will just send you all over to read on the GamingHUD site.

Today Bethesda released the following preview video for the game:

Kit’s Awesome Vid of the Day – Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim Trailer

 *This trailer contains scenes of violence*



Other cool stuff too of course, but still, look at the DRAGONS!

- Kit

Backwards, forwards, square and round…

Mod or modification is a term generally applied to PC games, especially first-person shooters, RPGs and real-time strategy games. Mods are made by the general public or a developer, and can be entirely new games in themselves, but mods are not standalone software and require the user to have the original release in order to run. They can include new items, weapons, characters, enemies, models, textures, levels, story lines, music, and game modes. They also usually take place in unique locations. They can be single-player or multiplayer. Mods that add new content to the underlying game are often called partial conversions, while mods that create an entirely new game are called total conversions and mods that fix bugs are called unofficial patches.

From the Wikipedia entry on modding/gaming 

Lately I have been modding my Oblivion game quite a bit.  Or rather, I have been downloading predesigned mods and adding them to my game.  I have added new villages and expanded old ones.  I am not concerned with total immersion but I did want the game world to feel more inhabited and a bit more realistic.  While there are many large (and speed draining) modifications I stuck with lots of smaller ones that didn’t slow my game down.  I play Oblivion on my laptop so there is a limit to how much I can do before the game moves too slowly to play.  So far I am very happy with the result and enjoying the new content in my game.

So I decided to share a few of my favorites.

Smoke and Fire –   It always seemed strange (and much too cold) to be walking around Bruma and other northern areas, boots crunching on frozen ground and snow falling everywhere and not see any smoke from the chimneys.  Was everyone using a heat pump? So I put in Cliff’s Smokey Chimneys by Cliffworms.  This mod adds visible smoke coming out of exterior chimneys if the interior fireplace for that chimney has a lit fire.

Sweaters – There are hundreds of clothing, hair and body modifications available.  Unfortunately, most are variations of lingerie or party dresses. While many people use them I am looking for clothing that is a tad more realistic to the game and storyline.  I absolutely love Female Sweater Mod by Darkrider.  It is just a simple sweater retexture of a game shirt in blue, green, purple and teal.  Perfect for late nights camping or hanging around Cloud Ruler Temple. (If the Bethesda designers had ever lived in my old home they would have known one fireplace – no matter how huge – could not heat that entire gathering room, much less the temple complex)   This is probably my favorite mod and I choose other mods in that area (Weye) based on whether the sweater mod will work with them or not.

Light up the Night – There are plenty of light sources inside the buildings of Oblivion but when you are walking around the streets and roads none of that light is visible through the windows.  I use Texian’s Window Lighting System by Texian.  This particular ‘lighting’ mod doesn’t slow my game down as some of the others do.  The mod gives all the windows a nice warm glow.  The stained glass windows of the cathedrals are especially beautiful.  There is also a small fix you can download after installing the main mod that will correct any pink windows in Skingrad.  You can download that file HERE.

Captain Picard and Lieutenant Sharpe – In the Oblivion Game, actors Patrick Stewart and Sean Bean provide the voices for Emperor Uriel Septim and his son Martin. This mod changes the physical appearence of those two in-game characters to more closely resemble the actors portraying them. Look for  Sean Bean and Patrick Stewart as Martin and Uriel Septim by Lord Domino. This mod is completely unneccessary and yet, I have it installed anyway.   Because it is AWESOME

A couple of points -  I run a mostly Vanilla (or out of the box) game.  I am not using Better Cities because it slows my game down, nor do I have any body mods or major game play changes loaded.  While none of the above mods has caused me trouble, any mod has the potential to cause problems with your game.  Even a mod used by hundreds of other gamers could break something on your game.  Mods can also conflict with other mods so be sure to read the description and readme for any file you want to use.  The description will also tell you what other mods or programs are required to run any given mod.  The mods I have listed above all required OBSE or the Oblivion Script Extender to be running before loading them.

If you are new to modding please check out the Oblivion Mods FAQ from TES Construction Set Wiki


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