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Hey, ho, let’s go….


I have spent all morning trying to get over to Suburban Home Records and pick up the new Arliss Nancy release, Simple Machines.  I know, I know – it’s not like I have to drive up and bang on Virgil’s door to get one. He has this nifty online site where I can click a few buttons and then listen to my d/l while I wait for the physical cds to arrive in the mail.   I just can’t get over there. I also…cough…can’t remember exactly where I put my purse with my money-stuff so that might be…you know…part of the problem.

I’ve been woken by a charlie horse in my leg twice this week so I thought, hey, eat a banana. When I went to get one I found my two remaining bananas are so old they may have petrified. Now I am thinking, just back away from the petrified bananas and leave them be.

The ‘Bit got Johnny Ramone for her guitarist profile powerpoint thing in her guitar class, then she spent the rest of the class refusing to trade him for someone else. Apparently, “you just don’t trade Johnny off”. I am so proud.

GamingHUD has a great post up on a game-related Kickstarter project, Fist Puncher.

The Alan Lomax Archive is now online. I have been trying to get on all morning but the traffic flow on the site must be incredible.  I’ll try again later tonight when it hopefully eases up a bit. Ah, there it is. Oh wow, guys this is kind of awesome.

Okay, I have bread to bake and new blues and prog to listen to while I work.

Shoo, go play in the archive.


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