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You could save me from the way I tend to be…

Huh…my coffee cup is empty.

The featured vid this week is The Way I Tend To Be from the awesome Frank Turner.

So I decided to give Tumblr a try. While it doesn’t do most of stuff my blog does it is much easier to post up things like videos and streaming music. It’s called awesome vid of the day and is anywhere from one to four videos a day with a theme. Blues on Monday, rock and metal on Saturday, that sort of thing. I am not super happy with how the source thing works. I put specific addresses in for videos and often get the generic site (like facebook instead of the Savages facebook page) but other than that it is not bad.

From Factory of Dreams

Head off to Factory of Dreams facebook page and share the post for a chance of winning a copy of Some Kind of Poetic Destruction!
“CONTEST!! We have a SIGNED copy of our brand new album ‘Some Kind of Poetic Destruction’ to give away. All you have to do is SHARE THIS POST and tell us what you think the brand new video is all about (comment in this post below).”


Factory of DreamsSeashore Dreams



Okay, off to find breakfast and more coffee.


Nothing to lose and nothing to gain…

So I am finally playing Dragon Age Awakenings and I just…see I am playing a mage. I have another mage in the party. We both have enough healing magic that everywhere we step should burst into glorious, bubbly life. I have (at last count) enough healing poultices and injury kits to open my own hospital – and yet, every stupid NPC we come across has an injury and instead of my being able to heal it they just die.

Seriously Bioware? I can bring my entire party back from the dead but I can’t set a broken leg before the dude dies?


Shiny new tracks in the juke this week by Nick and the Ovorols – Try Me, Todd Dorigo – Alive, Cobalt CranesHead in the Clouds, Bobby LongDevil Moon, and Josephine OniyamaPortrait. I also have older track from Frank Turner called The Road.

Brooklyn-based Arc & Stones are in the featured video spot this week with Silence, from their soon-to-be released EP, Arc & Stones.


The Week in Music…Blogs – Jan 5, 2013 to Jan 11, 2013

Stacey from the official SXSW site listed over a hundred more bands added to the 2013 line up. She also included a link to the list of around 1000 bands scheduled to perform this year. I noticed Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires, BOY and Frank Turner on the latest addition.

Tony Porter from Music That Isn’t Bad reviewed The Amends new release, What We Could Be.

Ninebullets.net put up the December podcast,  while Charlie, Mike and Bryan added posts with their best albums of the year.

Ryan Bingham tossed up a new video because he knows I get twitchy if I go too long with nothing from him on the blog.



That’s pretty much it for this week.  I’ve had a cold so I mainly listened to some new music, played Skylanders and coughed.  If you have a post from your blog you want added to the list just shoot me an email (guitarkit at gmail.com) or leave your post addy in a comment below.


The Week in Music…Blogs – Feb 12 to Feb 18, 2012

Rachel from Adobe and Teardrops reviewed the new Ani Defranco album, Which Side Are You On.

Michael Barwise interviewed 17 yr old singer/songwriter Nina Nesbitt on Michael’s Music Madness.

Damian interviewed Frank Turner on the Mostless Harmless podcast show:

Frank was kind enough to sit down with me and talk about his early music years and the roads that brought him to becoming a singer song writer. We talk about his upcoming plans for world domination and the daunting task of filling London’s Wembley Stadium…”

Casey Ragan over on American Blues News took on the monumental task of reviewing Omar and the Howlers Essential Collection.

Musician Peter Parcek profiles Hollywood Fats in Unsung Heroes of the Blues Guitar.

Sheryl Bryant at the Raleigh Music Industry Association gets her Piedmont blues on with an article and concert review of  blues musician ‘Boo’ Hanks:

His brand of acoustic guitar playing, sometimes known as “frailing” is indicative of an older technique of guitar and banjo “pickin” whereby Boo’s thumb picks the bass sound while his forefinger picks out the melody on the treble strings. The unique and rhythmic sound creates the illusion that two guitars are being played when in reality it is just one lone acoustic guitar and his master at work…”

More Piedmont blues as Autopsy IV from ninebullets.net reviewed the new Charlie Parr album, Keep Your Hands on the Plow.

Walter Trout discussed his upcoming new release, Blues for the Modern Daze, in a youtube video.

As usual, only a fraction of the cool music blogs out there. If I missed you, send me an email or drop a comment below with the addy to your blog post and I’ll toss it up with the others. Have a great weekend!


No one gets remembered for the things they didn’t do…

I found the last package of Christmas Pocky!!!!!  *squee*

Scooter found me shortly after the Pocky discovery so now I have to share.  *pouts*

From time to time I glance through the stats area of my blog to see what brings people over here.  Lately, Frank Turner and Jonathan Rundman have been showing up on pretty much a daily basis.  Unfortunately for those hunting, my entries about them are pretty much just tossing off a song lyric.

So here are some links for both musicians that actually have…er, information on them. ;)

Frank’s website at frank-turner.com.  Blog, tour dates, vids, a forum you can join and a store to buy Frank’s music.

Merlin Jobst interviewed Frank Turner this past July over on Little Sparrow:

Jobst – When it comes to your major influences, do you feel more indebted to British or American music?

Turner – Probably more to American music actually, although I’ve been making a conscious effort to find out more about traditional English music recently. That said, the big three for me are Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. And then there’s Townes Van Zandt…”

Check out the entire interview on littlesparrowreviews.wordpress.com.

Finally, for reviews of his new release England Keep My Bones and general info check out ninebullets.net as the writers onsite are big fans. Frank is also a semi-staple on the weekly ninebullets radio show.


Jonathan’s website at jonathanrundman.com. News, tour dates, music, vids and blog.

Hal Bogerd from No Depression reviews Kaivama by Rundman and Sarah Pajunen:

I’ve been a fan of Jonathan Rundman’s music since a double dose of review discs landed on my desk over at  HickoryWind.  Jonathan’s previous albums were filled with hooked filled gems, more power-pop and rock than Americana or roots.  On their self-titled disc Kaivama (Salt Lady Music, 2011), Jonathan and Sarah team up to shift gears and explore their shared Finnish heritage…”

Pop over to No Depression for the entire review.

Finally,check out  Jonathan on Facebook.


*grumbles about hitting publish before, you know, adding the title*

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