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Persecute, you defy, execute, crucify, crucify…

I’ll make this short since I have an awesome vid of the day to upload and you know…dishes to wash.  It’s political so if that isn’t your thing you can skip to the video in the next post.

Dear National Organization for Marriage Hate Group:

Although in the past I have only been an occasional Starbucks customer, I have decided to frequent my local shop on a regular basis to help offset the loss of your 18,000 bigoted boycotters.

FYI – maybe if you all spent as much time on your own marriages as you do on trying to prevent others from marrying we might not be saddled with a 40-50% divorce rate in the US.  I won’t even get into how your behavior on this isssue is so counter to true Christian ideals as to be unrecognizable as such.  I guess the thrill of teaching your kids to hate is just too enticing to pass up.

Gee, aren’t you all so proud? Oh wait, isn’t excessive Pride the most serious of the…cough…right.


** For those interested, visit SumofUs to sign a thank you card to Starbucks for standing up for gay rights. **

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