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You wanna hear about the deal I’m making…

Kit’s Awesome Vid of the Day

Iron Man 3 Trailer



I am going to watch this over and over because it is so very awesome and with the hope it will help sooth the pain of the Cards losing last night.


Don’t know why I go to extremes…

Need to make this quick as I have to go start the bread soon. The mini-mes are ill today so I am making chicken soup for dinner.

Iron Man 3 stuff!

Er…the post title might be actually be a spoiler…Anyway –

This is a pic of Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts. In a very cute suit. Probably while filming in Cary. Note the sandals. This was obviously filmed on the only warm day North Carolina has had this summer. So will they CGI the Heels-of-Towering-Heights on later?

Oh yeah, the pics floating around are not of the Iron Patriot suit. They are apparently the new paint job on War Machine.

The previous sentence is not written in code.

I only put this pic of RDJ and Paltrow up to illustrate just how cold it has been this summer. Robert Downey Jr is wearing a jacket. Because, yes it is still that cold here. I would make ‘year without a summer’ jokes but it has stopped being funny. Look at the frown on his face. Even he thinks it is too freakin’ cold.

Okay, okay. Enough ranting.    

That is it for the movie stuff this week.  Back to music tomorrow.


Tryin’ to get my way home…

Scooter is watching Angry Birds videos this morning.  Yes, there really are Angry Birds vids and no, I haven’t a clue why. She seems to be stuck on the one with the superhero angry birds and one set to I Wanna Hold Your Hand.  Somebody save me…please.

New video for “45″ from The Gaslight Anthem.



According to The Mary Sue, NASA will be having a bake sale this weekend. Seriously.

The peeps over on City of Steam have put together some game-related merchandise. You can pick up City of Steam themed (ouch, sorry) or Mechanist Games themed t-shirts, coffee cups, posters and mouse pads.

I still have an Arlis Nancy – Simple Machines CD to give away.

Neil Young and Crazy Horse have reunited to release Americana. I’ve had the vid to Oh, Suzannah floating around the blog and my facebook this week. I kinda like the ‘let’s add a hard guitar and drum edge to the tune’ sound. Before they became grade school standards, some of these tracks were protest songs and I think Americana does a good job of recapturing that feeling. You all should definitely check it out just…skip the Rolling Stone review ’cause it is crap.

Yeah, don’t even. I was over there to read the review for the awesome new Joe Bonamassa release, Driving Towards the Daylight (another crap review, btw) and read the one for Americana while I was there.  No,  I am not linking to either of them because I would rather have my fingernails pulled off with pliers than link to RS.   Have a Joe vid instead.



Catch Joe at about 2:58 in the vid. ;)

My Iron Man lamp is finally here!

Once I put away all the folded clothes on the top of my desk I’ll take a pic. I may use it as my ‘On Vacation’ graphic this year.  According to the news, I should be able to step outside and like, run into someone from Iron Man 3. Wednesday they were filming over in Cary so they could be ANYWHERE.

Well, anywhere except Lowes tomorrow since I need things from the Garden Center and don’t want to fight traffic to get there. Hey, I have priorities.

Okay, I need coffee and eventually I must conquer the laundry. I also need to start on the week in blogs since it is looking kind of huge at this point. Go, shoo. Watch the vids.


Iron Man lives again…

Sooo…Robert Downey, Jr is standing approximately two (2) hours away from where I am sitting at this very moment. Okay, okay – I assume he is standing. He could be sitting or running or banging on prop movie metal with a prop movie hammer. The point is…uh, I know had a point.

YES, the point is if I had a south facing window I could stare directly at the movie sets. I can’t see them of course (refers back to the two hours away statement) but that doesn’t change the fact that they are there.

Iron Man 3 is filming in Wilmington, NC well…right now.  Sigh. I knew the whole “if I can’t go to Gulf Shores for vacation I don’t want to go to the beach at all” thing would backfire on me.

Huh…Kahuna popped in for lunch and according to his phone compass (I know, right – but I love him anyway) our big wall-o-windows faces SE so I actually can stand in the sunroom and look SOUTH to Wilmington!

Hey RDJ, I am watching you!

Er…that came out way more creepy and stalker-y than I intended. Great…now if I ever accidently run into him at the market while on an emergency goldfish cracker run I’ll feel all awkward and weird. Not awkward enough to let him have the last bag of goldfish, but still…weird.


Most guys have cars...Stark has flying armors.


I wish we had a little more info on the villain or villains. I am cool with pretty much anyone except the Living Armor ’cause that storyline creeps me out. I also wish Marvel would release more pics and such but they like to relay info on their movies a drop at a time.


All these robots live on coffee and donuts…


*I think this was originally posted at Devil’s Adequate*

I am not Iron Man…

Well, I saw the UPS truck and was all “YES!!! My IRON MAN LAMP IS HERE!!!

But it wasn’t.  Behold my bum-med-ness. Scooter and I are drowning our sorrows in chocolate soy milk and popcorn while we watch the new Spiderman movie preview.  Which I will share here in a minute. After I…clarify a few things.

I am not a dude. Seriously, not. a. dude.  You would think the descriptions on the blog of my epic frankenstein-scar-of-baby-having would clue people in but apparently, not so much.

I do not want to see pictures of any of you all in your underwear. I am not telling you not to take the pics ’cause I would never harsh anyone’s “hey, look at me rockin’ my jockeys” vibe — just PLEASE don’t send them or link them to me.

I will not put your ad up on the blog. Stop asking. Well, unless you are the awesome Daniel Logan and want me to toss a thing up about your gear biz ’cause I would be super willing to do that in exchange for a few pictures of Jack‘s cat. ;)

Okay, enough grumbling. Have a movie preview vid:




The Week in Music…Blogs – May ?? to May 12, 2012

I thought I was having slight technical difficulties with the blog this weekend but now it is more like problems with my internet connection.  Going to try and get the list out anyway.

Dave Reffett from Guitar World interviewed Walter Trout in an awesome monster article that covers the new release, Blues for the Modern Daze, gear, other blues players and much more.

Autopsy IV from Ninebullets.net reviewed There’s A Bomb In Gilead by Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires.

Over on L.A Weekly Blogs, Rebecca Haithcoat interviewed one of my favorite new bands, The Record Company.

Arkansas blues guitarist Michael Burks passed away earlier this week. ( by Matt Marshall from American Blues Scene)

Leanne Sherman from Cat on the Wall profiled The Carpels and shared some of the tracks from the upcoming The Neon Sessions release.

Those couple of weeks I was unable to put the music blog list up I missed several Unsung Heroes of the Blues Guitar articles by musician Peter Parcek. This weeks article is on Jimmy Nolan but if you have a few minutes check out some of the others as well.

Linda Leinen (shoreacres) from The Task at Hand was in Iowa, Louisiana at the spring Rabbit Festival for food, fun and Zydeco music.

Okay, I have tempted fate and my connection long enough and the thought of roasted rabbit is making me hungry. If I missed your post and you would like me link to it please drop a comment on the post or send me an email at guitarkit at gmail dot com

Off to make (sadly non-rabbity) chili!


Bound to battle grim and gory…

Nick Southall from Sick Mouthy is keeping a music diary this week:

Music Diary 2012 is an attempt to document, over the course of one week, how we listen to music: when we listen, where we listen, who we’re with when we listen, and how we choose what we listen to. Anyone is welcome to join in, as long as you would ordinarily be listening to music in that week or any other week; from music journalists to musicians to serious music geeks and casual music fans…”

I’ve decided to document the stuff I listen to on an after the day basis.  So for May 7, 2012 my list looks like this –

Mostly a lot of Michael Burks. I picked up Iron Man from eMusic back when I had a subscription but I thought he sounded even better recorded live in some videos I have.



There was also a lot of Bizet in the afternoon as Scooter is a Little Einsteins fan.  The March of the Toreadors from Carmen to be precise.



I also listened to the Skyrim soundtrack while I played.  In anticipation of the new DLC, I have been trying to finish up any quests I missed along the way.  I may do an expanded post on Skyrim sometime this week to talk about some of the recent changes and bug fixes as well as how the game plays six months after release.

Finally, The Arcadian Kicks shared a new song by The Problems so I gave it a ‘spin’.




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