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The Week in Music…Blogs March 24 to March 30, 2012

Pour yourselves a very big cup of coffee ’cause the links this week are going to take a while to work through.

Kendra Carter of The Gadsden Times eulogized Bluesman Jerry “Boogie” McCain.

Jim White from Community Voices reviewed Stronger for It, the new release by Javina Magness.

Pete Feenstra over on Get Ready to Rock reviewed the new Walter Trout, Blues for the Modern Daze.

Bluesman Peter Parcek took a little time out of his playing schedule to pen another in his Unsung Heroes series and profiled blues guitarist Leroy Foster.

MusiciansFriend interviewed Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks in their home studio:



Moving away from blues, Metal Insider tossed out their Top Five Live Metal Albums of ever and Spin shared several photos from Too Tough to Die,  the soon-to-be published Johnny Ramone memoir.

Jordan Richardson over at Blinded by Sound reviewed the new Cannibal Corpse release, Torture.

Mike Ostrov from Ninebullets.net reviewed Giant Orange from Cheap Girls.

Over on Adobe and Teardrops, Rachel reviewed electronic pop band Xylos.

Sandy Auden from London Calling interviewed Steve Carlson about his music and his “mini” European tour.

Finally, Mark Memmott from NPR reminded us just how cool Earl Scruggs really was while Steve Martin nearly made me cry.



Okay, this is a slightly larger fraction of all the music blogs and posts this week. If I missed yours please shoot me an email or leave your post addy in the comment section below.


That’s where I’ll rest my weary bones…

Oh man.  Enough coffee does not exist in the world to make today workable. 

Did push ups last night.  I am at 80 – 100 counting all the sets and I’m starting to feel it a little the next morning.  If I do a regular set and then add a few military style at the beginning of the following sets I can get off three to five before I get any twinges of pain in my shoulder and have to switch back to regular.  It isn’t great but it is a start.

Scooter is really cranky and probably has a little cold.  She may have given it to me as well which would explain the ‘blah’ feeling.  I have several things I am working on but can’t get the focus to finish them.  Maybe while she naps.  Until then, have some links to neat things:

Jordan Richardson from Blinded by Sound reviews the new Gary Clark, Jr EP – The Bright Lights  – Oh man.  This is a great EP and Richardson is just so pumped to hear it.  I love his review nearly as much as the EP.  You all pop over and check it out.

romeosidvicious from Ninebullets.net reviews Field Songs  by William Elliott Whitmore.  He says it is “Essential Listening“.  Check out the review, listen the tracks and see if you all agree.

I thought there was more but, no, that is pretty much all my brain was holding.


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