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The Week in Music…Blogs – May ?? to May 12, 2012

I thought I was having slight technical difficulties with the blog this weekend but now it is more like problems with my internet connection.  Going to try and get the list out anyway.

Dave Reffett from Guitar World interviewed Walter Trout in an awesome monster article that covers the new release, Blues for the Modern Daze, gear, other blues players and much more.

Autopsy IV from Ninebullets.net reviewed There’s A Bomb In Gilead by Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires.

Over on L.A Weekly Blogs, Rebecca Haithcoat interviewed one of my favorite new bands, The Record Company.

Arkansas blues guitarist Michael Burks passed away earlier this week. ( by Matt Marshall from American Blues Scene)

Leanne Sherman from Cat on the Wall profiled The Carpels and shared some of the tracks from the upcoming The Neon Sessions release.

Those couple of weeks I was unable to put the music blog list up I missed several Unsung Heroes of the Blues Guitar articles by musician Peter Parcek. This weeks article is on Jimmy Nolan but if you have a few minutes check out some of the others as well.

Linda Leinen (shoreacres) from The Task at Hand was in Iowa, Louisiana at the spring Rabbit Festival for food, fun and Zydeco music.

Okay, I have tempted fate and my connection long enough and the thought of roasted rabbit is making me hungry. If I missed your post and you would like me link to it please drop a comment on the post or send me an email at guitarkit at gmail dot com

Off to make (sadly non-rabbity) chili!


The Week in Music…Blogs – March 10 to March 16, 2012

Nichtmehrclaire at Ears to the Ground interviewed ME and shared a couple of the band’s videos.

Ann Powers from The Record on NPR tossed up the recording of Bruce Springsteen’s opening speech for SXSW. She also included several vids of the songs and bands he mentioned in his speech.

On his blog open mic oddyssey, Cary Morin wrote about his show in North Carolina and his trip to Colorado to do some recording:

On the 14th of March I went to Loveland Colorado to spend some time with Jason Larson and Johnny Hickman at Backbone Studio. I have been wanting to record an entire project at that studio but the opportunity has not come up yet. Jason used to play guitar for the Atoll and is now the main engineer at Backbone. He has been a great friend over the years and it’s always fun to work with him…”

ReverbNation released a set of Facebook Apps for musicians to use on the new Timeline layout.

From the new Otis Gibbs video to the somewhat controversial Lucero review all the way to the ninebullets radio show, Ninebullets.net spent the entire week pretty much vibrating with music cool.

Peter Parcek made me oh-so very happy by doing another entry in his Unsung Heroes of the Blues Guitar series. This week he profiled Harvey Mandel.

After seeing last week’s Unsung Heroes entry on Clarence Hollimon, Linda Leinen from The Task at Hand sent me a link to a great Hollimon performance from the 1993 Blues Blast for The Phoenix Blues Society.



As always, if I missed your music post please toss me an email or leave your blog addy in the comment section and I’ll put your link in the post.


As I go ramblin’ round…

So, it feels kind of Monday-ish.  Cue the random. 

The ‘Bit took this photo of her ‘snowman’.  He seems resigned to his fate.

I found Black and White, a blog on classic movies, in the rotation at Alphainventions.   (I love the photo of Lucille Ball.  She is just stunning in it.)

You can read a preview of Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff’s new novel, Taco Del and the Fabled Tree of Destiny over on Book View Cafe.  If you like the book you can d/l a pdf of it for $4.99.  (I love the five buck books for download.  I am d/ling a copy as soon as I finish here)

Finally, Linda Leinen blogs on copyright and intellectual property theft over at The Task at Hand

- Kit

But dream themselves half-way human…

It feels like Monday.

The new issue of Lone Star Stories is out.  My favorite is Jo Walton’s poem By their spaceships ye shall know them .  The imagery is just beautiful.

About once a week, I pop over to Alphainventions and watch blogs go by while I listen to new music I want to review. It may seem like a random way to find blogs but I usually catch two or three I want to read further and out of that at least one will go on my reading list.  Some I even toss on the blogroll. 

Yesterday I found The Task at Hand, blog of writer and boat restorer Linda Leinen. (she restores boats…the cool is off the scale here)  She paints so vivid a picture of the beaches and boats she works on I can close my eyes and hear the waves lapping the dock.  I can almost smell salt in the air.

My mom recently sent us a care package.  A hand crocheted baby blanket for Scooter, scarf for the ‘Bit and several 8×10 enlargements of some of her photos for Kahuna and I.  The photo to the left is one of my favorites. 

(And yes, I am pining for the beach.)

- Kit

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