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Out of the light of the sun…

Sometimes you just wanna rock.

dearagonyCheck out  Dear Agony by Breaking Benjamin. They are a mainstream band, but they have a distinctive sound and I really like the music.  The themes are a little dark but over all the music has a  ‘dig your heels in and growl at the world‘ feel.   

 My favorites are Into the Nothing, Fade Away (with its great metal sound) and the power ballad of the set, Give Me a Sign.

You can listen to the album on the Grooveshark widget in my sidebar or over on the band’s myspace page. Their myspace is kind of pretentious slick but don’t worry – the album is still great rock.


Shades of psychedelic…

Super Furry AnimalsDark Days/Light Years – I sigh at Emusic’s tendency to label -everything- alt-punk.  This is more experimental, psychedelic pop/rock.  My favorites are Inconvenience and Cardiff in the Sun.  Releases in the US tomorrow, April 21st.

Cymbals Eat GuitarsWhyThere Are Mountains – Okay, I don’t know if the poor sound quality is accidental or done on purpose to try and create a mood but a few of the tracks are so badly produced that I can’t listen to them. 

I did snag And the Hazy Sea, (wishing the rest of the album was as good) but nothing else was really worth the money or effort.  Released in January.


Church of Misery  – Houses of the Unholy – Sounds like someone smushed Charlie Daniels (a much younger Daniels who used to do all the things he wants people to go to jail for now) with screaming Metal, and then turned up the volume till the knob broke off. 

I think I am in love.  My favorite is  Shotgun Boogie but Badlands is good as well. Releases in the US today.

You can listen to and purchase all of these from Emusic, CD baby or the individual record labels.

- Kit

Attack of the Music Blog Spam…

I know, I know.  At least I amuse myself.

Here is the next installment in my quest to make good music easier to find –

One Day, One Song – I found this blog in the rotation over on the weirdly addictive  Alphainventions.com.  Videos, free mp3s, reviews and other music related info. Cool.

Twang Nation – I accidently stumbled over this blog while hunting for this ‘twang rock’ band Kahuna listens to.  Very opinionated news, reviews and musings on the country music scene.

Metal Underground – I am so glad I found this blog.  Not only is it a great metal resource with interviews, articles and reviews, but this article by Cynic explains why I am not imagining prog influences in a lot of new metal.

SqueezeMyLemon – Nice blues blog.  Video, reviews and a lot of research material.


The color of sundown…

I picked up Transylvania by Belgian alt/experimental band, Creature with the Atom Brain.   I have listened to it a few times and while it is moody and a little dark, I really like their style and arrangements.  

The tracks run from rock to alt-punk to metal but the overall sound and feel remain cohesive.  My favorites are The Color of Sundown, Spinnin the Black Hole and slightly prog rock Sound of Confusion.

(If I were looking for mood music to play during a RPG session  this is the album I would pick.) 

Transylvania is set to release April 10, 2009 but you can listen to tracks on the band’s myspace page, or on Emusic where you can also download an advance copy of the album.


How many ages have to come and go…


Emusic sent me a note and offered 75 free downloads if I resubscribed. 

(I had cancelled during those months I was pregnant and couldn’t get on the computer and hadn’t ever got around to going back)

Now I am gleefully downloading all sorts of music but I don’t like the genre tags they use.   I find this band, Serenity,  designated as metal (not that I listen to much metal anymore…I was in a mood) but when I listen they sound alot more progressive to me. 

So I go to the band’s site and they tag themselves as ‘progressive metal’.  Kind of like a Reeses peanut butter cup.  I hear the ad in my head. 

“You got progressive in my metal!”  “Well you got metal in my progressive!”  “Ohhhhhh” “Hey, two great sounds that…..”

Aghhhh…why does no one stop me?  

(You know, blogs are cool ’cause there is no one to block the creative flow, but at the same time there is no one to keep you from driving off a cliff…metaphorically speaking.)

Anyway, so I found this band from Austria called Serenity and d/led an advance copy of their new CD, Fallen Sanctuary.  (‘advance copy’ is a little misleading since it is out in Europe and debuts here tomorrow, but hey)  My favorites are Rust of Coming Ages and All Lights Reversed. 

Although this is not die-hard progressive (there are no tracks over about 6 minutes) you probably need to at least apprecite prog to enjoy the CD.  This is normally the part in a review where the cd is deconstructed song by song, bit by bit.  But then you -still- have to hear the music.  We’ll save time and skip right to the music part.   Pop over to their Myspace Page to download some of their stuff.

You can find free mp3s on the Myspace page  and the new CD on Emusic , Amazon.com  (you can listen to clips from the cd there as well) or on the band’s website.


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