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My article on the Nintendo 3DS and the 3DS Ambassador Program is up over on gamingHud. 

While you all are over there celebrate the 15th anniversary of Elder Scrolls II:Daggerfall by checking out Iovan’s excellent Reset Button column, I Fall. You Fall. We All Fall for Daggerfall

Steve Carlson is live tonight from the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf via StageIt.  The concert starts at 10pm ET and tickets are still available from StageIt. 

Christian Kane’s video “Let Me Go” is now available on iTunes. While this is not one of the best songs from his album, The House Rules, the video is extremely well done.

Check out this tumbler – Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor - I especially like Snow White’s armor. So very awesome.

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With my sword and head held high…

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The Smithsonian Exhibition: The Art of Video Games

The Art of Video Games is one of the first exhibitions to explore the forty-year evolution of video games as an artistic medium, with a focus on striking visual effects and the creative use of new technologies. The exhibition will feature some of the most influential artists and designers during five eras of game technology, from early developers such as David Crane and Warren Robinett to contemporary designers like Kellee Santiago and Mark Cerny. It also will explore the many influences on game designers, and the pervasive presence video games have in the broader popular culture, with new relationships to video art, film and television, educational practices, and professional skill training.

This is so very cool.  I am slightly bummed Oblivion didn’t make the listing but Okami and several other video games I voted for did.  The Exhibition will be located 3rd Floor North in the American Art Museum and will run from March 16, 2012 until September 30th, 2012.


I have a short article on Netflix for the Nintendo 3DS  over on GamingHUD.


Finally, the featured vid is LoZ:Princes of the Universe by HadoukenDude.   The link goes to the original site where you all can watch his other vids and the Four Swords Misadventures  parody series.


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