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Wish that I was on old Rocky Top…

So about a week and a half ago I started back working out. I knew it would be rough but sheesh, even my toes and hair ache. I’m doing the 100 pushups challenge again. On week 2, day 2, column 1. I’m also seriously considering just snagging a brace for my knee and doing couch to 5K. I’ll let you all know if I survive.

Still going through emails and Twitter stuff, although I finally put the app for Twitter on my tablet. I will get to all the music and videos you guys have sent me and get it all up on the blog in one form or another.

My signed Doc Dailey and the Magnolia Devil album from their Kickstarter campaign came in last week. They also send loads of cool stuff like a sticker and booklet. As soon as I get pictures of it all I’ll put the review up.

I have Rocky Top stuck in my head today. The Osborne Brothers version to be precise.

What’s that? You all want to hear it too?



My work here is done.



That’s where I’ll rest my weary bones…

Oh man.  Enough coffee does not exist in the world to make today workable. 

Did push ups last night.  I am at 80 – 100 counting all the sets and I’m starting to feel it a little the next morning.  If I do a regular set and then add a few military style at the beginning of the following sets I can get off three to five before I get any twinges of pain in my shoulder and have to switch back to regular.  It isn’t great but it is a start.

Scooter is really cranky and probably has a little cold.  She may have given it to me as well which would explain the ‘blah’ feeling.  I have several things I am working on but can’t get the focus to finish them.  Maybe while she naps.  Until then, have some links to neat things:

Jordan Richardson from Blinded by Sound reviews the new Gary Clark, Jr EP – The Bright Lights  – Oh man.  This is a great EP and Richardson is just so pumped to hear it.  I love his review nearly as much as the EP.  You all pop over and check it out.

romeosidvicious from Ninebullets.net reviews Field Songs  by William Elliott Whitmore.  He says it is “Essential Listening“.  Check out the review, listen the tracks and see if you all agree.

I thought there was more but, no, that is pretty much all my brain was holding.


And if we get it wrong they’ll feed us to the sharks…

Not enough coffee in the world today. 

I have attempted to do the 100 pushup challenge with military-style push ups three times now and every time I get in about the middle of the second week the pain in my left shoulder becomes so bad I can’t continue.   I don’t have any injuries…well, it is the same shoulder I broke (not badly) years ago but the pain is in a different place than the break site and I didn’t have this kind of pain when I did the push up challenge the first time.  I need more muscle maybe? 

Off to get the ‘Bit replacement eyeglasses this afternoon.  Hers took one look at the ocean and decided to take a world cruise.

The Dalai Lama  has a twitter account. (@DalaiLama)  He also has a website and…whoa…he tweets.  To over 2 million followers.  Hmmm.  Apparently the Dalai Lama and I share a love of commas.  Wait, what? Kahuna is following the Dalai Lama??

Seriously, not enough coffee in the world today.    

While on vacation we all got to pet stingrays.  Yes, actually touch them.  It was seriously cool.  We took the girls to the North Carolina Aquarium in Pine Knoll Shores.   

They have an indoor waterfall, interactive exhibits for the kids, decks and walkways over a salt marsh and a hiking trail.  We saw sharks, eels, lionfish (usually native to the south Pacific but a small colony has established itself along the North and South Carolina coast) otters, turtles and fish.  Lots of fish.

Yes, that is a sand-ship.  Steered by a sand-shark.  The aquarium was cool, okay.


In a world that keeps on pushin’ me around…

I have a badge!!! 

-see blog sidebar-

For the past nine or so weeks I have been doing the one hundred push ups challenge.  The challenge is supposed to get you from a couple of good form push ups to one hundred of them in about six weeks.  It took me a little longer.  There were two or three days I had to repeat and the last week of the challenge took me about twelve days to finish.

The challenge is set up so that a person of any fitness level can participate but it gets a little rough by the last two weeks so you may want to check with your Dr to make sure you don’t have any health issues that would make doing the challenge dangerous. 

Things I have learned during the challenge

Good form push ups are difficult.  This may be why so many people give up on doing push ups but there are ways to make them easier and allow you to build muscle at the same time.  If you just can’t do a regular push up try doing them against a wall.  This allows you to build some muscle and to practice the proper form.  Once you build up some muscle you can move down to a counter or bench and then eventually to the floor.  My knee still won’t hold for me to do them on the floor so I had to do my push ups for the challenge on a raised surface.  I still got a good workout and built some awesome muscles.

Push ups work everything.  Okay, maybe not every muscle but it often feels that way the day after my work out.  Push ups do work your arms, shoulders, chest and abdomen.  You also start to see results fairly quickly.  I noticed a difference in my arms and shoulders within a couple of weeks.  I also lost two inches off my waist without losing any weight and added some muscle to my chest.  

Push ups make you sore.  Like “ack, I can’t raise my arms over my head” sore.  I added five to ten minutes of yoga after my push up workout and that made a huge difference.  The yoga poses  of downward facing dog followed by cobra (or upward facing dog if you don’t have knee issues) are especially helpful.  A hot shower helps as does wearing sleeves over your upper arms for a while after the push ups.  For me, anything that keeps the muscles warm and also lets them cool down slowly seems to help.  The only soreness I have this morning is just a little ache in my shoulders and an achy knee.  (the aching knee is NOT common to push ups, mine is because of the injury)

It is okay to slow down and do a day more than once.  There were a couple of times when I felt I had hit my max in what I could do.  When that happened I just waited a couple of days and redid the sets I was having trouble finishing.  Each time this was all I needed and I was able to continue. Once I shifted my focus from ‘must do this in six weeks’ to ‘must finish this, however long it takes’ I did much better. 

The last week of the challenge is brutal.  I thought it was just me but people on my fitness board said the same.  In the last week you do 200 to 260 or more push ups for each day and it is rough.  I felt so bad after the second day of that week I thought I was coming down with the flu.  It was actually easier for me to do the 100 than get through all the sets on that day.   I also had to rest two or three days between each push up day to fully recover. 

I don’t really hate Steve Speirs.  :)   Now that I am actually finished I think he is kind of awesome and send him a note of thanks for putting the challenge together and setting up the website for everyone to use.

Finally, I think the challenge was worth the time, effort and soreness.  I intend to try it again with floor push ups when I get enough muscle built up around my knee to do them without knee pain.  Until then maybe I’ll try military style on a bench or counter. 

Or maybe I’ll just have a cup of coffee and rest.


All the songs go “I know it’s so awesome”…

Okay, when I started this push up thing (the 100 push up challenge) it was kind of fun.  After a few weeks it was like, wow, I have muscles, look look, this is awesome.  But now…

It is hard and it hurts and once I finish the challenge I am going to hunt down the guy who dreamed this horrible torture up and beat him senseless with a wooden chair — except this will remain a fantasy not because they frown on beating people with chairs, although that is a valid reason, but because I CANNOT RAISE MY ARMS ABOVE MY HEAD!!!

Yes Steve, master of evil torture, it even hurt to fill the coffee pot with water and carry it over to the machine this morning.   

To counterbalance the terrible, horrible, very bad pain I thought I needed an awesome video with even more awesome than usual. 

Kit’s Awesome Vid of the Day – Chuck, The Best of Captain Awesome



arranged by DCJ Productions – video footage from the tv show ‘Chuck’

Chuck is about Chuck, geek extraordinaire, who accidently downloads the CIA database into his brain.  He is sort of a ‘spy by default’ after that. Awesome is his somewhat awesome brother-in-law.

Evil Steve is not allowed to watch this video but the rest of you – enjoy.


Boys are kinda nervous ’round girls with guitars…

I have wanted a smaller guitar for a while now because there are several chords I just cannot stretch my hands enough to play.  I held off, thinking a small one would sound tinny and I prefer guitars with a deeper tone.   I finally broke down and picked up the Martin LX1

Isn't she pretty

Ten minutes after it came through the front door I had already broken the A string and poked a hole in my finger trying to take the string off and change it.  Once we (Kahuna tuned for me) got it tuned and were able to play I was very surprised at the depth of sound and tone in such a small guitar.  I really love it.  Even Kahuna played for a while.  However, the best part for me is that is fits my hands perfectly.

Still doing the push up challenge.  I am in the middle of week four and while I am doing okay (35 consecutive in my last set yesterday) I am not sure I can manage 100 consecutive in less than three weeks.  One of the women on the fitness forum I read suggested adding yoga at the end of the push up workout to cool down.  (my usual finish consists of sitting around and groaning in terrible pain)  I always warm up but I hadn’t thought about a cool down.   I tried it and there is a huge difference in how fast I recover and level of soreness the next day.  So “Yay!” to cooling down.

I am soooo excited!  My review of the new Perfect World International expansion, Genesis is up over on GamingHUD.  They also have a great article on game designer Jane McGonigal.

Off to do Thursday-ish things.


Running into the sun but I’m running behind…

So I am doing the One Hundred Push Ups challenge.  Have made it to week two, day three, middle column.  I may be in week two day three for a while because, much to my surprise, push ups are really hard.   ;)

I also reached a limit on what my knee will do so I have started weight training and exercises specifically for bad knees.  I was hoping I could work up to around two miles but it is pretty clear I need more muscle around the knee and a little more flexibility in it before I try and increase my running distance.  I have thought about cycling but I am (this is embarrassing) afraid I’ll hit a bump and fall off, smashing my knee to bits.  I was a little worried about adding in weights but after a couple of days (I do weights M-W-F) my knee is feeling good this morning.  Very solid.   If it holds thru the cardio I will be a happy camper.

My copy of  The Cloud Roads by Martha Wells is on it’s way.  I may even get it today.   I would dance happily about the room in joyful anticipation, but uh, I am too sore from the push ups. 

In some odd cosmic crossing of the time and space streams, Bruce Mcallister sent me a copy of  Dream Baby for review.  I will do so…as soon as Kahuna and I negotiate which one of us has first possession and reading rights.  I was sort of in the lead until I got the email about Cloud Roads (since I didn’t want to pause in the middle to switch books).  However, Kahuna is already reading a novel so I may just snag Dream Baby and stealth read while he is distracted.


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