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The Week in Music…Blogs – Jan 5, 2013 to Jan 11, 2013

Stacey from the official SXSW site listed over a hundred more bands added to the 2013 line up. She also included a link to the list of around 1000 bands scheduled to perform this year. I noticed Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires, BOY and Frank Turner on the latest addition.

Tony Porter from Music That Isn’t Bad reviewed The Amends new release, What We Could Be.

Ninebullets.net put up the December podcast,  while Charlie, Mike and Bryan added posts with their best albums of the year.

Ryan Bingham tossed up a new video because he knows I get twitchy if I go too long with nothing from him on the blog.



That’s pretty much it for this week.  I’ve had a cold so I mainly listened to some new music, played Skylanders and coughed.  If you have a post from your blog you want added to the list just shoot me an email (guitarkit at gmail.com) or leave your post addy in a comment below.


Nothin’ can resuscitate me now…


Kit’s Awesome Vid of the Week – The Record Company – 4 Days, 3 Nights




The Week in Music…Blogs – March 10 to March 16, 2012

Nichtmehrclaire at Ears to the Ground interviewed ME and shared a couple of the band’s videos.

Ann Powers from The Record on NPR tossed up the recording of Bruce Springsteen’s opening speech for SXSW. She also included several vids of the songs and bands he mentioned in his speech.

On his blog open mic oddyssey, Cary Morin wrote about his show in North Carolina and his trip to Colorado to do some recording:

On the 14th of March I went to Loveland Colorado to spend some time with Jason Larson and Johnny Hickman at Backbone Studio. I have been wanting to record an entire project at that studio but the opportunity has not come up yet. Jason used to play guitar for the Atoll and is now the main engineer at Backbone. He has been a great friend over the years and it’s always fun to work with him…”

ReverbNation released a set of Facebook Apps for musicians to use on the new Timeline layout.

From the new Otis Gibbs video to the somewhat controversial Lucero review all the way to the ninebullets radio show, Ninebullets.net spent the entire week pretty much vibrating with music cool.

Peter Parcek made me oh-so very happy by doing another entry in his Unsung Heroes of the Blues Guitar series. This week he profiled Harvey Mandel.

After seeing last week’s Unsung Heroes entry on Clarence Hollimon, Linda Leinen from The Task at Hand sent me a link to a great Hollimon performance from the 1993 Blues Blast for The Phoenix Blues Society.



As always, if I missed your music post please toss me an email or leave your blog addy in the comment section and I’ll put your link in the post.


Strung out from the road…

Was on the road last week to attend memorial services and funeral of my mom-in-law. Not ready to post about it beyond saying it was a monumentally sucky week for everyone (esp Kahuna, his brother and their Dad) and we racked up over 3600 miles of driving during the course of the trip. The only bright spots were getting to see family (my mom in particular as I don’t see her often) and taking all the girls shopping while in Fort Smith.

In contrast to the sea of brown and grey here in North Carolina, all my bulbs and shrubs at the house in Alabama were blooming. However, the only internet access I had was Kahuna’s hotspot phone so posting was problematic.

Anyway, we are back home and all fighting a cold we picked up on the trip. I am -really- hoping next week is better. As it is, I put some new tracks up in the sidebar jukebox and will be answering comments and email once my post is done. I have a couple of things I’ve been listening to and will review one of them for tomorrow.  Unless I fall asleep.

A couple of links before I go crash on the couch and play video games make lunch and finish working –

Beltran is out with the Flu…I feel for you dude.

No power in the ‘verse could get me in the car for a longer trip than the nearby market, not even SXSW. For others in the same boat check out the FREE SXSW download from Spin.


All you need is now…

I picked up the new Duran Duran – All You Need is Now from iTunes.  I like it.  Suddenly the band is ‘indie’ which I find amusing (they will be performing at SXSW next month) but the music is still good and that is the part that matters. 

The title track is just okay, but Leave a Light On is beautiful and my favorite of the track list.  Blame the Machines and Before the Rain are very good as well.

As I said, the song is not my favorite but I love the video, although it is just a tad distracting that bearded Simon looks a little like a taller Wil Wheaton in leather.  Maybe I just need more coffee?

All You Need is Now is available as a digital download from iTunes. You can snag individual tracks or buy the entire album and get the digital liner notes. (now is not the time to discuss my obsession with liner notes) The CD version and deluxe edition will be available March 22nd from various retailers.



Listen to Duran Duran on their official website or on their  mySpace page


You can scramble my molecules ’cause I’m just passing thru…

Yes, yes I am. 

Changing my blog theme.

If things look odd for a few days I apologize.  It should settle once I work all the bugs out.  I was worried the threaded comments wouldn’t work (they do, yea!) and after that all that is left is a little tweaking.

SXSW was last week/weekend and since I couldn’t be there (we aren’t going anywhere but the gulf coast before our move this summer) I did the next best thing and picked up music from several of the bands that performed.  I’ll be reviewing those over the next couple of weeks.


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