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Tryin’ to get my way home…

Scooter is watching Angry Birds videos this morning.  Yes, there really are Angry Birds vids and no, I haven’t a clue why. She seems to be stuck on the one with the superhero angry birds and one set to I Wanna Hold Your Hand.  Somebody save me…please.

New video for “45″ from The Gaslight Anthem.



According to The Mary Sue, NASA will be having a bake sale this weekend. Seriously.

The peeps over on City of Steam have put together some game-related merchandise. You can pick up City of Steam themed (ouch, sorry) or Mechanist Games themed t-shirts, coffee cups, posters and mouse pads.

I still have an Arlis Nancy – Simple Machines CD to give away.

Neil Young and Crazy Horse have reunited to release Americana. I’ve had the vid to Oh, Suzannah floating around the blog and my facebook this week. I kinda like the ‘let’s add a hard guitar and drum edge to the tune’ sound. Before they became grade school standards, some of these tracks were protest songs and I think Americana does a good job of recapturing that feeling. You all should definitely check it out just…skip the Rolling Stone review ’cause it is crap.

Yeah, don’t even. I was over there to read the review for the awesome new Joe Bonamassa release, Driving Towards the Daylight (another crap review, btw) and read the one for Americana while I was there.  No,  I am not linking to either of them because I would rather have my fingernails pulled off with pliers than link to RS.   Have a Joe vid instead.



Catch Joe at about 2:58 in the vid. ;)

My Iron Man lamp is finally here!

Once I put away all the folded clothes on the top of my desk I’ll take a pic. I may use it as my ‘On Vacation’ graphic this year.  According to the news, I should be able to step outside and like, run into someone from Iron Man 3. Wednesday they were filming over in Cary so they could be ANYWHERE.

Well, anywhere except Lowes tomorrow since I need things from the Garden Center and don’t want to fight traffic to get there. Hey, I have priorities.

Okay, I need coffee and eventually I must conquer the laundry. I also need to start on the week in blogs since it is looking kind of huge at this point. Go, shoo. Watch the vids.


Let me call you Sweetheart…

My new Captain America earrings arrived yesterday!  I was going to take a picture of me wearing them until I realized I am really bad at trying to photograph myself with the camera on my phone. Now I have all these bizarre pics of my ear at weird angles.

Tiny Avengers Assemble!

 Sci-fi writer Martha Wells discusses finishing her lastest book and other writer-ly things.

Catch a first chapter preview of Throne of the Crescent Moon on author Saladin Ahmed’s website.

I have a terrible craving for pimento cheese sandwiches.  I blame shoreacres for this problem.

Becky Chambers over at The Mary Sue discusses the ‘Hey Sweetheart’ scenario in RPG video games.  I am not a fan of the DA:O Alistair example she uses since I think it is there to foreshadow a plot point, rather than to remind us that we are girls. The endless ‘pretty one’ remarks we have to endure later in the game and the ‘I dare you to slice open my bare midriff‘ female Dalish armor however, are excellent examples. Nice article and interesting discussion in the comments section.


When I start to jivin’ beneath a groovy moon…

The weekend zoomed by at nearly the speed of light.  I am assuming if it had actually reached the speed of light we would have gone back in time and would still be enjoying the weekend instead of staring blearily at MONDAY.  The day seems very bright and loud and I am contemplating  countering the Monday-ness of it all with a second cup of coffee.

Anyway…No, I really do need another cup – back in a min –

Oooohh…yes, that is so much better.  Now where was – ah, yeah.  Look – I have virtual stuff.

Be-bopping around the ‘net last week I found The Mary Sue.  Billed as the Guide to Girl Geek Culture,  it covers women in comics, movies, video games, science, sports, the military, etc.   It is just as cool as it sounds.  

For any gamers stopping by, my review of Alter Aeon MUD is up over on GamingHUD.  Check out the trailers for Dragon Age 2:  Legacy and  Mortal Kombat: Kenshi while you are there.

Look at  the LA Noire earrings in this esty shopBlack Fox Studio also has Portal 2, Assassins Creed and a lot of other gaming-themed jewelry up for sale. 

Finally, I have found graph paper nirvana at Post Illuminance.  The sizes, the shapes, the scaling, the sheer squareness of it all! 

Okay, maybe that was a little too much coffee.


It’s a wandering star that lights my way tonight…

Okay – first off a big thanks to SuperTech Josh for fixing my blog.  There was a thing (not the Thing – just a thing) and my blog was down and he took care of it.  Then I went in and made some changes he suggested and such.  Then I deleted all visible pages except the main.  I’ll put them back up sometime this weekend but I am tired of the spam coming in.  I think I’ll set them as no-comment and just avoid the whole mess.

The universe has decided I am never writing this mud review.  Seriously, every little thing that could possibly get in the way of me finishing it (cause I have most of it down) has happened.  Still, I slog on.

I am up to my eyeballs in new music and still havent put any up for listening.  Maybe this weekend I’ll just dump all of it on one player and give a short description of each in a post.

Martha Wells was guest of honor at ApolloCon 8 which is, cool of course but the most awesome thing was she got to tour NASA.  All the NASA that is NASA.  Inside modules control rooms and she took pictures!   Check out her blog posts for pictures.

I ran across The Mary Sue – a blog on geek girl culture and picked up the featured video. 

Female Armor sucks – a vid

 While I haven’t encountered the problem on muds I do run across it on graphical games from time to time.  The guy will be so heavily armored I wonder how he can breathe, much less move or fight and my character will be stuck wearing a chain mini-skirt and a “silk with decorative metal swirls’ war bra. 

You all should read Bra Melting by Janni Lee Simner ;)

– Kit

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