Psychedelic Destiny…

I can’t prove someone spiked the water at Bungie causing the dev team to go all Venus in Furs on the Crucible but it is the most plausible theory.

Floating dead bodies, weapons not registering, supers not registering and my personal favorite – death by your own Ward of Dawn – made the past week of Mayhem Clash even more…er…mayhem-y.  The chaos spilled over into the Nightfall earlier today as one particularly stubborn door in the Sunless Cell strike refused to open.

The latest tweet from Bungie has the Nightfall Strike working again (I haven’t given it a try yet) and Cosmo popped up on the forums a few hours ago to let everyone one know that they are aware the Crucible is tripping.

destiny rising2016a
If you logged on and participated in any events between Jan 7th and Jan 10th your 2016 Rising Light emblem is available at the Emblem Kiosk. (for the newbies the kiosk is located in the back corner by Eva Lavante – in the Speaker wing of the Tower)

Finally, break out your Bladedancers, hovering Warlocks and sticky grenades because the weekly featured Crucible playlist is Inferno Clash. Who needs radar?