Nobody’s ever called me a good man…

American Aquarium put out one of the best albums of 2012, Burn.Flicker.Die.

(I put Burn.Flicker.Die first or second in my best of 2012 list – until I move the blog archives I can’t check)

Last year they ran a great Kickstarter campaign and released Wolves. I have played these songs all year and could happily listen to Whit on pedal steel for hours and never get tired of it.

American Aquarium – Man I’m Supposed to Be


Girls Night – Jo Wymer…

My little one likes Jo's jewelry...

Okay, I’ll be honest. Jo Wymer is cool.  Not the casual, off-hand, ‘Yeah she’s kind of cool’  but the ‘loud, pounding, screamin’ guitars, freakin’ awesome’  kind of cool.



Now that I have the extreme fangirling out of my system, (maybe) I can point out that Jo has started a gofundme  for her new cd Racing Thru Red.

After you finish watching the video pop over and check the site out. Drop a few bucks if you can or help by passing the link and news along.

Off the ground…

I could tell you all that the guys signed a contract with Concord Records last October and this is the first single off their soon-to-release album. I could tell you all the album, Give It Back To You is a great mix of new tracks and previously released on EP ones and includes my personal favorite, Don’t Let Me Get Lonely. I could tell you all to pop over to iTunes for a preview listen to the whole thing and even suggest you pre-order a copy afterwards from there or the band’s website.

Or I could just tell you “this is from The Record Company” and that would pretty much say it all.



Give it Back to You drops February 12, 2016.